Reflecting on the wanderingly structure or the Nomadic Show, I foresaw a crowd of spectators slowly walking under the hot summer sun, exhausted from too much art. This vision inspired me to create a quick and lil’ [Чуть-чyть] performative action, to refresh the devitalized spectators.

Keeping in mind that a bottle of water is never enough to fully drench a footsore art critic, I tackled the theme of Glee like an impossibility; a concept so subjective and idealized it can only be understood through its absurd opposite. How much water is enough water? If I may ask.

Since expectations are hard to meet, I bricked the bottles of water with water-like plastic resin, subversively giving the impression they would be worthy companions throughout the Nomadic Show. Through this performative action, I tried to create a moment of climax that would slowly reveal its deceptive truth, in order to highlight the gleeful mirages our imagination is capable of.

Performed during the 10th Nomadic Show, part of the International Shiryaevo Contemporary Art Biennial, in Russia. Curator: Nelya Korzhova, Commissar: Roman Korzhov